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Forty Ninth Parallel Café & Lucky’s Doughnuts

I love late night doughnut runs. I have been to Lucky’s several times, but I keep forgetting to take a picture of what I ate. Recently, I was craving for Lucky’s doughnuts at 9pm. I called up my friend Glenny who lived near and we drove to get our late night doughnuts. I was surprised how jam packed the parking was and the cafe was bustling with people. The doughnut selection was limited since we arrived pretty late and near closing hours. Regardless, you can never go wrong with Lucky’s and I was so happy after I had my delectable pastry hoop dazzled in sugary goodness.

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I ordered the most ordinary doughnut, but don’t judge it by its look. This is the Traditional French Cruller (CAD3.50) which is French choux paste fried and dazzled in their signature vanilla glaze. I have to admit that I wanted something heavier, but the French Culler is definitely an all-time doughnut.

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Glenny isn’t a fan of coconut, so I’m thinking that she did this for Instagram. She ordered the Coconut Bismarck (CAD3.75) with coconut cream filled Bismarck topped with a vanilla glaze, a swirl of Swiss meringue and toasted ribbon coconut gently placed to finish the masterpiece. I had one bite and it was just a sweet, coconutty and creamy blend in my mouth…perhaps too much coconut in my opinion.

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  1. glenny

    the reason i ordered the bismarck was i kept seeing that darn thing on instagram so i wanted to try it if it was really good.

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