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During our little tour around Kensington in Toronto, not only did we stop for mini tacos at Seven Lives, but we also had a delicious icy treat for the summer at Fika Cafe. I was drawn to the cafe by its minimalistic and modern decor so we went straight in. My cousin told me that their ice cream sandwiches were pretty good and since the weather was hot, it was hard to say no.

In Sweden, “fika” means coffee break. The cafe was designed like it and it felt very homey and suitable for a comfortable study session.


I could spend an entire day studying at Fika if I went to university in Toronto. If you want a more nature atmosphere, there is a small garden area behind Fika where you can enjoy a comfortable green surrounding while you sit back and enjoy a coffee.


Or you can sit indoors with the comfort of their somewhat antique yet modern décor and red brick walls.


Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

I wouldn’t say that this was a distinct ice cream sandwich because it was a merely a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream in between. There wasn’t any extra creaminess to the ice cream or specific texture in the cake, so there wasn’t much worth praising about.

One thing I did like about their ice cream sandwich was how thin the cake was. I was never a fan of the spongy and thick ice cream sandwiches that seemed to be too much cake and too little ice cream.

Fika is a great place to study and have a nice afternoon drink, but I wouldn’t go specifically for their ice cream sandwiches.

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