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I take the advantage to catch up with my girlfriends whenever there is a small break from school. Ditha and I decided to catch up for dessert and coffee at the downtown Faubourg on a cold Friday afternoon. I was hoping that we could get a seat inside but the cafe was full of chatty people and girls gossiping away. I don’t blame them, the Parisian décor of Faubourg brings out that sassy side of us.

2014-01-17 14.58.01

I wouldn’t recommend ordering their sandwiches and salads when their desserts are available. I had the Orange and Chocolate Meringue Tart accompanied by a cup of Hot Chocolate with Hazelnut Syrup. I was slightly disappointed with how hard the tart was and I did not think it was worth the price. Thankfully, the hot chocolate was lovely and rich which made it extremely welcoming for this cold weather.

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