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When my brother visited me from Toronto, I really wanted him to meet my chef friends, Ian and Jon of Faculty of Food at UBC. Since it was my brother’s first year, he needed some kitchen inspiration and I knew that meeting these two student chefs would surprise him. Again, I cannot emphasize the passion and finesse in each dish by Jon and Ian.


Everything looked really earthy until they pulled out the lobsters. Mind you, this is only an appetizer.


You guys should have seen my Snapchat of this! Ian was flipping all of caps of the shiitake mushrooms so that the butter would simmer into the mushroom for a buttery and charred flavor.

Spinach and Cheese Ravioli with Morel Mushroom Cream

What’s on it: Lobster, butter simmered shiitake mushrooms, homemade cream of morel mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts, and balsamic reduction.

This was a very strong and earthy dish without the lobster and with particular emphasis on the alfalfa sprouts and morel cream. The alfalfa sprouts gave it a grassy feel to it.

The lobsters were a luxurious and protein addition to the greens and browns.

The balsamic reduction gave it a sweet and tangy taste that neutralized the hint of bitterness in the cream of morel.

The shiitake mushrooms were rich in buttery goodness with a delicious charred texture and flavour on the caps.


Medium Rare Striploin
What’s in it: Parma ham, carmalized carrots and asparagus and soy reduction, and a dash of chives.

I usually don’t eat steak because too much beef could be too overwhelming for me. However, I was very impressed with how moist and perfect this piece of striploin was. The size was perfect for me too.

The sear was done very well with not too much flavour so I could fully enjoy the savoury beef juices kept in the striploin.

The soy reduction was also not too salty and it complimented the striploin and vegetables.

My favorite part of the dish were the perfectly carmelized carrots and asparagus with a sweet and charred taste to each.


A perfect ruby and red brick wall center.


Almond and Vanilla Cake with Milk Chocolate Cream

Since dinner was also very last minute, Ian made us a quick almond and vanilla cake from a Betty Crocker mix.

The highlight of the dessert was the thick and runny milk chocolate cream that Ian melted in a pot before serving it with the cake. My brother thought that it was chocolate used for fondue.


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