Earnest Ice Cream

I was so excited to try this place since I have heard so many good reviews on it. What so unique about this place is that their ice creams are sold in glass jars. The vibe was comfortable and friendly for small ice cream dates to catch up with friends, a boyfriend/girlfriend or even family. I saw families come in and it was cute to see everyone happily walking off with an ice cream cone or a glass jar of ice cream. I came here with Glenny and once we walked in, we went straight to the freezer at the end of the shop. Who isn’t happy when there’s ice cream?

2013-11-08 20.40.06

They were busy today as you can see. I was actually quite disappointed with how far this is from the boisterous streets of Vancouver with it being so popular and hip. Nevertheless, we’ve gone the distance for ice cream.

2013-11-08 21.04.11

Oh yes, my two babies. You can choose to eat there or buy a pint home. Each pint/glass jar is CAD11, filled with creamy ice cream to the brim. If you bring them back to the shop, you get money back so why not right? Save the environment one ice cream pint at a time. Here we have the “Blueberry Cheesecake” and “Whiskey Hazelnut“. The blueberry cheesecake had sweet blueberry bits and jam inside while the whiskey hazelnut was creamy with crunchy hazelnut pieces inside.

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