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Double D Burger

When I went back to Hong Kong in the summer, I was really surprised that burger joints have been opening up all over Central. I’ve tried Burger Circus after a crazy night out and it was incredibly satisfying. There really isn’t anything better than a juicy and fat burger after a few shots. On one night, I decided to try Double D Burger before a bar hopping night and it did not disappoint.

Located right at the entrance of Lan Kwai Fong street, Double D Burger is a popular burger location for many Hong Kongers who live or work in the Central area. Double D Burger got their name from “Dirty and Decadent”. All of their patties are 100% naturally grass fed, Black Angus, Australian beef hand ground in house daily. All of their ingredients are top notch and they use organic ice cream for their milkshakes. Let’s get messy.

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Fully Loaded Fries

On the night I went with my friend to Double D Burger, they were doing a photoshoot for a magazine and luckily, the owner decided to give me their fully loaded fries for free.

This was just sinful. The fries were still hot from the fryer and it was incredibly loaded with jalapenos and melted cheese. I think this was a great addition to my burger and they weren’t plain boring fries.

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Single D

Their beef patty was quite juicy but slightly undercooked so it wouldn’t be too dry. A large focus on their burger is there decadent and heavy patty and they nailed it.

Their baked burger bun was also amazing. Toasting or baking the bun makes a huge difference to the final burger product and they have definitely baked it to perfection.

On the other hand, I would still prefer Burger Circus because they have their special sauce. Double D needs a flavour boost for their burgers to make them unique than an average burger. I understand that the focus is on their patty but they could honestly give it justice and make a special sauce for it.

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