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As strange as I may sound, I have always had a love for sausage buns. Pineapple buns and other varieties never made it to my top list. Sausage buns, an Asian alternative to the Western hot dog, are amazing. In an average Hong Kong bakery, a sausage bun would cost around HKD6 which would be around CAD1.

Sharon’s mom took me to tour Hong Kong University’s main campus during my vacation in Hong Kong. For lunch, she took me to eat at Délifrance which recently replaced the university’s Starbucks (isn’t coffee a necessity for students?). Now it might sound weird, but Délifrance is a chain of French style cafes in Hong Kong. It isn’t fancy or expensive Parisian food, but the quality of their food is pretty good for their price. You would find spaghettis, French pastries, soups and salads on their menu. You can’t compare this to the Parisian themed restaurant La Marmite in Central, Hong Kong, but what I love about Délifrance is how comfortable and simple they are. The setting is equally comfortable for quick business lunches, catch up over coffee sessions or family time.

More: Read more about the HKD98 lunch menu available at La Marmite or the HKD188 lunch menu available at Strip House by Harlan Goldstein.

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At Délifrance, I had the best sausage bun in the world. It’s a sausage inside a croissant-like bun that was hot with a crispy first bite and a soft inside. Enough said.



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