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Forget the traditional Korean BBQ and Korean food, time to switch it up to a modern fare. There has been some recent media craze about Damso Modern Korean Cuisine on Denman with their Korean Tacos and other innovative creations with Korean food. When I looked at their online menu, I was sold once I saw their Kimchi Bulgogi Burger.

We arrived at Damso on a Friday at 6pm just around dinner time. Almost all the tables had a “Reserve” sign on it and we were lucky to get a crammed two seater right next to the window. Shortly after we sat down, there was a line up. Many people ended up coming in, lining up for 5 minutes, and left when the waitress told them it was a half an hour to an hour wait. Throughout the dinner, I made sure I didn’t elbow my neighbour’s tea.

The interior of Damso reminded me of most Korean restaurants in Vancouver. White walls with occasional Asian artworks hung around the empty spaces of the restaurant and dark coloured wood tables and chairs.

Damso (1)

We started off big since we were hungry. We had the Hot Stone Bibimbop (CAD10.95) with rice, beef, arugula, carrots, spinach, onions and a runny egg on top. I wasn’t extremely impressed with their Bibimbop since I thought it lacked spiciness and it wasn’t that special compared to other Bibimbop I’ve had. I also didn’t expect arugula to be in this, so it gave the Bibimbop a bitter and unpleasant taste. The spinach was also bitter, so I don’t know what’s up with that but that’s not normal.

Damso (2)

Like I said, I was sold once I saw their Kimchi Bulgogi Burger (CAD9.50) with a side of delicious crunchy and soft yam fries. I bit into the burger and I didn’t say a word and I kept going at it. You know that I’m really enjoying my food when I don’t talk throughout dinner. The bulgogi was tender and juicy unlike a dry beef patty. The only downside was that it crumbled out of the burger and juice was dripping on the other end. The kimchi gave it just the right amount of spiciness and crunchy textures in every mouthful. The yam fries were addictive with sweet sauce and Sriracha mayo. I am coming back just for this unique and savoury dish.

Damso (3)Lastly, we tried the slightly over hyped Korean Tacos (CAD1.99 per taco). Given the price, it was worth it for a snack but I found the tacos a bit dry. There was beef on the tacos, but it wasn’t as juicy as the beef in my burger. The tacos were also almost cold and not even warm. I wouldn’t order this again since there are better options on the menu.

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