Crepe Montagne

Before planning our trip to Whistler last December, I was asking fellow foodies for a good brunch spot at Whistler and everyone recommended Crepe Montagne. For those who don’t know, Whistler is quite small and there was only so much to eat at the village. We went on a very lazy and late morning and by the time we arrived, there was a huge line.

Since we only had three people, we actually got a table after a 45 minute wait. The restaurant was extremely small for such a popular place and there was barely any walking space available. We got a snug little corner at the restaurant and since there were more people waiting in line than people eating, servers were very attentive.


Even though the line up was considered “short”, we actually went to eat something before sitting down at Crepe Montagne. Since that was the scenario, the three of us shared two orders.


Crepe Montagne

What’s in it: The Rockies crepe with buckwheat flour crepe, two sunny side up eggs and cheese with Canada back bacon and green onions.

I was very excited to try this because I’ve never had Canada back bacon or buckwheat flour crepe. My brother, who lives in Guelph, mentioned that Canada back bacon is quite popular over there.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with this. Perhaps it was my preferences but I didn’t like the texture of the buckwheat flour crepe and the Canada back bacon was too salty. Overall, the texture and flavours were very abnormal to me.

The only good part was the two eggs on top which made it taste more normal.


The Pesto Mushroom Eggs Bennies

Even if their crepe wasn’t too fit for me, I really likde their bennies. Not only was the Hollandaise sauce very creamy, but the pesto mushrooms were a perfect A+ and seasoned very well.

The eggs oozed out a gorgeous golden yolk but the English muffins were slightly tough.

The potatoes weren’t dry and were actually roasted with a very hearty texture to it. The fruits were also very sweet and a fresh addition to a very fulfilling brunch.

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