Crackle Crème

When I heard about a shop in Vancouver that only serves creme brûlées and Belgium liege waffles, I instantly added it onto my “Wishlist” on Urbanspoon. Due to its unusual location, it took me quite a long time to finally visit. My friend and I decided to drive to Crackle Crème at around 9pm on a rainy Sunday night and it wasn’t a good idea. Crackle Crème is quite inconvenient if you’re taking public transit and if you’re driving, it’s also hard to find parking. We were there at night and since we still couldn’t find any parking in front of the store, we parked at a somewhat sketchy area nearby. If you’re planning on going, try going on a better time other than a rainy night.

The shop was absolutely lovely and very well lit. With black and white vintage photographs hung on the wall, the wooden tones of their interior made it feel very modern with a cozy and hipster vibe to it. To boost up your Instagram game, you’ll find small plants and succulents on some tables so don’t feel too shy to take a shot of your creme brûlée next to some earthy tones.


Each of the creme brûlées were sprinkled with sugar and torched right in front of us after we placed our orders. The tiny pie dish was still warm from the torch!


Classic Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée

If you’re into the most classic and original version of creme brûlée, I would really recommend this.

This was extremely creamy with rich vanilla bean in a delightful custard base. I think this was a very satisfying and moderately sweet dessert for a quiet night. There was nothing too overwhelming or too boring.

Organic Matcha Creme Brûlée

For a more earthy flavour, the organic matcha creme brûlée was definitely a lot less sweeter than the Classic Vanilla Bean.

With a hint of bitterness from the matcha, this creme brûlée was still relatively sweet and still holding its rich and creamy custard base.

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