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Coffee Shop Exploring in Sheung Wan

During my last week in Hong Kong, I decided to spend a day with myself in the city. I know it’s weird to do certain things alone but I’ve always enjoyed some alone time before I leave Hong Kong to explore hidden areas. Last year I went around Tsim Sha Tsui so this year, I decided to go coffee shop exploring in Sheung Wan and Central.

I was swept away by the mixture of old and new in Sheung Wan. From the antique stores, temples and the traditional Chinese medicinal and dried food shops to modern coffee shops, eateries and street art – Sheung Wan was a perfect area for me.

I actually planned my entire route before going to Sheung Wan. I started off with Barista Jam, then Cupping Room, Nosh, Lof10, and ended at Filters Lane. I wanted to look for Common Ground but I couldn’t find it. I also did not buy anything from the Cupping Room but it doesn’t matter since I was quite caffeinated when I was done so I took a break at The Woods with a gin and tonic.

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Barista Jam – Iced Cappuccino with Whipped Cream

I’m glad that my iced cappuccino wasn’t half filled with my ice so I really got to enjoy the cappuccino and the coffee flavours while I was taking my time exploring Sheung Wan.

Their coffee shop was quite small and crammed with minimal seating. They grind their own coffee beans and have a large variety of espressos and caffeinated drinks. Other than beverages, Barista Jam also serves sandwiches, salads, pastas and delicious baked goods.

It is a bit out of the way to get here since there aren’t a lot of coffee shops near Barista Jam until you walk up a bit more.

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Nosh – Lemonade

Their lemonade was definitely a lot more sour than sweet. Luckily since it was a humid and hot day in Hong Kong, I didn’t mind the sourness and citrus.

Everyone who has walked up Tai Ping Shan in Sheung Wan has probably seen Nosh and their quaint little oasis. When I arrived, I got to to sit at their high table right in front of their rectangular window facing the street. I have to admit, Nosh is a good place for people watching.

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Lof10 has been on my Hong Kong Must Visit list since last year. I was really looking forward to this coffee shop because of their minimal and white interior design. Clearly, I definitely was not misled.

The coffee shop was pretty much hidden from the big streets and tucked into a quiet part of Sheung Wan. I enjoyed my moment at Lof10 when I wouldn’t hear a loud truck drive by or people smoking near me.

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Iced Earl Grey Tea Latte

London Fogs aren’t popular in Hong Kong so I ordered Lof10’s iced earl grey tea latte thinking that it would match up to a London Fog. Their little mason jars and typography were perfect for an Instagram photo and I still do not get why they incorporated numbers into Chinese words.

The first few sips were so perfect, then a few minutes later, it watered down significantly. The next time I go, I’ll definitely order a hot drink. Why? Because I’ll be in Hong Kong this December and I’m sure Lof10 makes good hot drinks.

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Filters Lane

The amount of drinks I’ve had in 2 hours has pretty much filled me up with liquids. It was also a long walk from Sheung Wan to Central on a hot day so I stopped by Filters Lane for food.

I know that their drip coffees are one of the best in Hong Kong so I’ll come by in December to actually try one of their drinks.

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Truffle Mayo Chicken Sandwich

Any type of food was delicious to me at the time. All of Filters Lane’s sandwiches looked very heavy but since I wanted something big in flavour but small in portion, I told the barista to help me cut the sandwich in half incase I couldn’t finish it. Both the girl and guy baristas were extremely nice and patient with me.

The flavour did not disappoint. They were very generous with the savoury truffle mayo and moist chicken breast. If I worked nearby, I would come here for a quick and delicious lunch.


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