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Whenever I am walking around Central at night, I would always see a jam packed restaurant on Peel Street. People would be standing outside this restaurant, on the street, drinking and eating. The place definitely wasn’t shabby and when I found out that the restaurant was ChômChôm, I had to go. This restaurant has been on my Foursquare Hong Kong dining list for two years and I was determined to go. I was also determined to go on a weekday for an early dinner to avoid the late night crowd.

I did more research on ChômChôm and what I have described was basically Chôm hôm ‘s story. The restaurant aims to bring in Vietnam’s lively Bia Hoi tradition of drinking and eating on a busy street corner to Hong Kong’s Peel St. in Soho. Their menu is inspired by classic Hanoi street foods meant to pair with some of their Vietnamese beers and cocktails.

In comparison to BÊP in Central, ChômChôm isn’t really a place to order a bowl of pho. It’s more innovative and fun than BÊP but I think they are both equally as good.

2015-12-21 18.25.16-1

Pho Roll – Grilled Beef, Fresh Rice Noodle, Pickled Daikon and Purple Basil

What a killer start to the dinner. This was extremely refreshing and savoury!

The fresh rice noodles were soft and bouncy with a delicious hit of garlic chips and peanuts. The beef was also very juicy and savoury. I would highly recommend this dish to start off any meal at ChômChôm.

2015-12-21 18.25.25-1

VFC – Vietnamese Fried Chicken Wings with Garlic, Coriander and Mint

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of flavours in these wings. Not only were there herby flavours from the coriander and mint, but there were citrus flavours inside the meat. I assumed it may have been lemon and lime juice but it just went extremely well with the dish.

Perfect crunch with a warm and juicy inside, these wings were the bomb.

2015-12-21 18.44.19-1

Shaking Beef – Beef Tenderloin, Watercress, Rocket Salad and Jasmine Rice

This was probably my least favourite dish during the meal just because it was too normal compared to the other two dishes that I’ve already finished. I’m not saying this tasted back, in fact quite the contrary, but it was too conventional for our dinner!

2015-12-21 18.44.04-2

Cha Ca Hanoi  – White Sole Fillet, Tumeric, Dill, Garlic Chips and Vermicelli

Another amazing dish. The fish was cooked perfectly with a delicious semi-crunchy exterior and infused flavours in the meat.

I don’t know what sauce was used at the bottom of the dish but it was savoury and citrusy which was perfect with everything else. Overall, I am really excited to go back to Chôm Chôm when I’m back in Hong Kong this summer.

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