Chicco Parfait

Maybe because it is summer, but I have been going through some serious dessert cravings. I had a dinner with my friend Pauline on a weekday and for dessert I wanted to introduce her to Chicco. I don’t usually come across parfait places in downtown Vancouver, so I was curious myself. The two ladies behind the counter were Japanese and incredibly nice. The kitchen was opened for everyone to see how they made their desserts and pastries and a fresh whiff of buttery creamy puffs was filling up the air when we arrived. The seats were limited but since the parfait was pretty easy to eat, take out was no big deal.


Tiramisu Parfait 

  • Bottom Layer: Fresh fruits and marble square jellies.
  • Middle layer: Whipped cream, corn flakes, and double chocolate ice cream.
  • Top layer: Vanilla ice cream, tiramisu cube, more whipped cream, strawberry,waffle stick and a chocolate macaron.
  • I don’t remember how much this cost but it was close to CAD10 with tax. For the price we paid, I expected more.
  • The tiramisu was creamy and fluffy, but the macaron was hard and too dense.
  • The crunchiness of the corn flake really stood out.
  • The whipped cream wasn’t exactly whipped, it was more melted than fluffy.
  • The jelly texture was distinct and they were quite enjoyable to chew on.
  • I couldn’t really taste or find the double chocolate ice cream, but there was a lot of vanilla ice cream to cover it up.
  • Overall I had higher expectations for the parfait but at least the tiramisu cake was good.

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