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Chez Christophe Chocolaterie Patisserie

After trying Chez Christophe’s deliciously decadent desserts at 6 Course Discourse, I had to go back and see what else he had in his shop. Getting to Chez Christophe would not be easy for a public transiter, so luckily, my foodie friend, Glenny, went with me by car for our long overdue food date. We went on a Saturday morning at 9:30am with empty stomachs. The cafe was small emphasizing on the large display of Chez Christophe’s pastries, desserts and chocolates in the cafe. It was hard to make a decision when everything looked so perfect and pretty!

Chez Christophe (1)

Chocolates and macarons for later, we shifted towards the pastries for our breakfast. Freshly baked out of the oven, the smell of the pastries lingered every corner of the cafe. We walked in, and the aroma was the best wake up call for an early morning.

Chez Christophe (2)

Breakfast is served! I ordered the Baked Pain au Chocolat with Hazelnut Cream (around CAD3.50) with a mocha. Glenny had the Double Baked Pain au Chocolat with Hazelnut Cream (CAD4.46) with a creamy hot chocolate. Yes, there is a difference between what I ordered and what she ordered. The double baked had a stronger chocolatey taste to it, flaky outer and a spongy soft inside, filled with half runny hazelnut cream, and I could taste little bits of chocolate sprinkled on top. My baked pain au chocolat was less flaky, more tender and chewy overall, enriched with the same hazelnut cream goodness, but lighter than the double baked. Neither of them broke apart and shattered when I bit in and it was almost like eating a baked Ferrero Rocher.

Chez Christophe (3)

I didn’t end up getting any chocolates, but I tried the Mango chocolate and it was just sealed with sweet mango filling oozing out once I bit into it.

Chez Christophe (4)

The Citron et Thym was like a disco ball cut into half. Beautiful displays of chocolates.

Chez Christophe (5)

To conclude, I bought a box of Chez Christophe’s Macaron Collection (CAD11.50) before I left. I was already pretty full from my mocha and pain au chocolat, so this was a to go. I loved how the colours reminded me of spring with the pastel colours sprinkled with small bits on top. The macarons were crispy with a soft spongy membrane, and a creamy core. I could also taste the fresh almond flour in the macarons! The flavours included pistachio, coconut, chocolate, passion fruit, maple syrup, pineapple avocado, and olive oil and balsamic.

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