Chewy Junior’s

A great thing about Chewy Junior’s is how they are attached to SFU Harbor Centre making thdm a pretty convenient cream puff store. Whenever I needed anything sweet in between classes, I always have the option to drop by for a cream puff. However, after having Beta5 cream puffs, these are nothing compared to those glorious creations.

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Apple Cheese

I really liked the presentation of this cream puff since it had a little bit of cream cheese frosting swirled on top with chopped apple bits in syrup placed in the middle. It looked like an oasis on top of an island.

The exterior also looked like it was a choux pastry but unfortunately when I bit into it, it lacked the crunchiness that a choux pastry was supposed to have. It just melted in my mouth like a really soft cream puff at Beard Papa’s. Some might disagree with me but I wouldn’t say that Beard Papa makes good cream puffs.

The only “apple” part of this cream puff and the only cheese part was the cream cheese swirled around the apples. I was slightly disappointed with the fillimg which only tasted like ordinary vanilla cream filling. They could have made the cream puff cheesier by filling it with thick and sweet cream cheese.

Almond Chocolate Crunch

When they said “crunch”, it was definitely “crunchy”. The almonds sprinkled around the cream puff definitely gave the dessert a crunchy texture.

Similar to the apple cheese, there wasn’t much choux to its exterior. Other than the chocolate sauce covering the cream puff, the dessert was too soft and pretty ordinary.

The only difference between the two cream puffs was the chocolate filling in the Almond Chocolate Crunch. The chocolate wasn’t very rich and it tasted like melted chocolate ice cream cake.

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