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Catch on Catchick

Brunch in Hong Kong is always a lovely idea when the sun is out. On one of my last brunch dates, I ventured out to Kennedy Town to check out what’s trendy when Catch on Catchick caught my eye. Judging the restaurant by their white décor and glass sliding doors, I knew this place was hip from their semi-alfresco feel.

The restaurant was extremely busy during brunch but since I was only going with another person, we got a table shortly after arriving. I didn’t really find my seat too comfortable because we were on high tables in a corner so I would have preferred some open space.

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Smashed Avocado with Feta, Mint, Lemon, Poached Eggs, Multi-grain Bread and Smoked Salmon

I regret putting lemon on my avocado because it was way too zesty and sour for me.

I’ve had a lot of smashed avocado toast before trying Catch on Catchick and I’ve got to give it to them for having soft bread and extremely creamy yet chunky avocado mash. Most places I’ve been to have extremely rock solid bread that a normal knife wouldn’t be able to cut through.

The smoked salmon was an additional add on so I believe the smashed avocado toast would have been a bit boring if the smoked salmon wasn’t there.


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