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Before eating at La Mezcaleria, Glenny and I got hungry while waiting for an hour for our seats. When I was walking to La Mezcaleria, I noticed Cassia Cupcakery and so we thought why not dessert before dinner? We walked in and the lady behind the tiers of cupcakes asked us if we wanted anything. I was hesitant at first since since it was a bit pricey but we couldn’t resist. The result wasn’t absolutely great but it was just acceptable. I think some of the feedbacks on Urbanspoon for Cassia Cupcakery were a bit exaggerated so here’s mine.

2013-11-08 18.44.14

From peanut butter, chocolate, Oreo to coconut flavoured cupcakes.

2013-11-08 18.42.19-2

One thing I like about this place is that both the small and big cupcakes are fresh. I remember some cupcake shops already packaged the mini cupcakes.

2013-11-08 18.46.07

Glenny and I each had three cupcakes giving it a total of roughly CAD6 for a box. Apparently the “Red Velvet” was a must try so my hopes were higher for this one. After my first bite, I couldn’t really taste the cream cheese frosting so I’m assuming that it was just sugar frosting. The cake itself was moist so that wasn’t so bad. I liked the peanut butter cupcake but the frosting was still grainy and tasted raw. Overall, the cupcakes were okay but they just have to improve on the frosting and cream on top.

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