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Cafe Deadend

Cafe Deadend is literally located at a dead end of a road. We hiked up Tai Ping Shan from Sheung Wan Station to Po Hing Fong just to have brunch at this place. We were sweaty and disgusting when we finally saw Po’s Atelier. Behind the bakery was Cafe Deadend, snuggled at the end of the road. At that moment, we thought the restaurant name was pretty humorous and we were so relieved that we finally got to our stop.

We were lucky to go on a weekday since weekends would have been packed. The restaurant had bi-folding glass doors which allowed plenty of sunlight to shine in and light up the white interior cafe. The brunch setting was perfect and the food smelled delicious when we stepped in.

2015-07-02 12.26.01-1

B.E.L.T – Burger, Crispy Bacon, Sunny Side Egg, Honey Mustard Dressing and a Side Yogurt.

I was surprised that a place like Cafe Deadened would have such a heavy and macho brunch option. If you’ve just woken up on a late morning and feeling incredibly hungry, the B.E.L.T. is a heavy and filling start to your day.

The bacon was a bit dry but after poking the sunny side egg and having the yoke leak onto the burger, you’ve got a very satisfying brunch.

2015-07-02 12.34.09-1

Poached Eggs and Crab Meat – Toasted Bread, Hollandaise and Mixed Greens.

They were extremely generous in their crab meat portions since some places are very selfish about seafood during brunch. In addition, the crab meat actually tasted like crab meat so kudos on them.

The bread wasn’t warm and it was a bit tough to cut through so I only had the middle parts.

Yolk runniness was consistent and perfect. I would recommend this brunch over the B.E.L.T. anytime.

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