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Café de Coral 大家樂

Quick post! Every time that I am in Hong Kong, I eat a lot at Café de Coral. I eat at Café de Coral almost every day for breakfast when I’m in town.

You may wonder if Café de Coral is really that good. It is good for the price that I’m paying. Also, I like the many options that they provide. You can never be bored when you eat at this restaurant, whereas Western breakfast diners serve mostly bacon, eggs, toasts and sausages. But don’t get me wrong. I like Western breakfast diners too but I prefer more variety.

2014-01-16 10.11.58

I ordered a macaroni (I think the restaurant ran out of it) with ham, meat, eggs and lettuce. The soup was of course full of MSG, but normally, most Hong Kong macaroni and soup orders are like that. I have to admit that I need to improve my photography skills — the dish does not appear to be as appetizing as it really is. Give it a try when you’re in town!



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