Bouillon Bilk

If there’s one thing everyone has to eat in Montreal, it’s definitely the French food. I’m not kidding but trust in those 4-5 stars and three dollars signs on Yelp. Montreal has amazing food so we binged and made reservations to all their top places during our short time there.

We made reservations at Bouillon Bilk for 2 at around 7:30pm on a Saturday night. The restaurant was so packed that we were only able to reserve a seat by the bar! When we walked in, I noticed that the restaurant wasn’t your typical beautiful five star restaurant but the place was simple, clean and classy. The staff were incredibly friendly and our server persuaded us to try their tasting menu after it took us awhile to decide. After dining here, I have to say that people in Montreal definitely know what “good food” is.

Our first course was the Blue Fin Tuna with strawberry, gochujang, celery and castelfranco. I didn’t think I would be able to find blue fin tuna in Montreal. The gochujang was a subtle but spicy kick to the dish and the use of strawberries made it tart and sweet. The tuna was fresh and even when it was served with other ingredients, it did remind me a bit of Japan.

Our second course was the Venison with matsutake, labneh, coffee and watercress. Undeniably this was one of the creamiest venison tartares I’ve ever had. Not to mention, the labneh was another creamy addition to the dish as well with a bitterness from the coffee.

When they served our third course – Linguine with truffle, fava beans, shrimps and olive…I knew it was going to be the winner. The texture of the linguine wasn’t your usual noodle and unlike any linguine dish I’ve ever had. It’s thinner and perfectly cooked – al dente. The dish was rich with truffle flavours and I wanted a bigger portion of this.

By the time the Lamb with leek, fig, polenta, pistachios and chanterelle was served, I was already extremely full and satisfied. I didn’t like the lamb as much as the linguine but the meat was so tender and flavourful with the polenta and pistachios.

Last but not least, dessert was their Pecan and Chocolate Soup with chantilly, mascarpone, pear and cherries. I loved that it wasn’t too heavy but flavours were definitely there – tartness from the cherries and pear and a slight bitter hit from the mascarpone. And must I get into how amazing and God sent chantilly is?

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