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The Boss Restaurant

I’ve had amazing Hong Kong Style cafes in Hong Kong and Vancouver before. When I say they are “amazing”, they are truly amazing such as Tsui Wah in Hong Kong. On the other hand, when they’re bad, they’re absolutely trash. They’re so full of trash to the point that you’ll probably get stomach pains after a meal from them.

The Boss Restaurant in Metrotown is convenient and one of the many options in the Metropolis Mall. I wouldn’t say that Metropolis Mall has good food options so Jacky and I decided to go to The Boss Restaurant. We’ve always seen giant crowds of Chinese people waiting outside of the restaurant so we decided to try it out.

To sum it short, Jacky and I didn’t get a chance to walk around the mall because both of us rushed home and went straight to the bathroom.


Satay Beef and Noodles

I’m going to be very straight forward here. The presentation of this looked like someone took a giant poo on a bowl of noodles. I also don’t think satay is supposed to be this colour!

The soup was pretty good like an average bowl of noodles you would have in a HK style cafe and the noodles were cooked were average.

The beef was minced and the satay tasted abnormally unlike satay.

Since I grew up in Hong Kong, I know that HK style cafes don’t have stunning food presentation, but at least try to make it taste what it is supposed to taste like.


Hot Lemon Tea

I added two spoons of sugar into my lemon tea and it was still extremely bitter. I don’t think this is normal.


Steak and Eggs

The eggs were completely burnt at the bottom making it crunchy and dry.

The steak was just pitifully thin and flimsy. Adding onto that, the taste was salty and the texture was chewy and rough.


Preserved Vegetables with Pork and Vermicelli

If there’s one thing The Boss Restaurant does right is their noodle soups. You get the delicious HK cafe style tastes with the MSG soup (of course).

I would say that this is our best order so if you want something safe, just order some kind of noodle soup that isn’t satay.

The Boss Restaurant 大班餐廳餅店 on Urbanspoon

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