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The Black Canary Espresso Bar

Hi readers, you’ll start to notice that there will be some Toronto posts for the next few weeks. I recently had a short vacation in Toronto to see my relatives and I also got to try more food at the same time. At the moment, I’m trying to spread and even out the posts so you guys would not suddenly get a huge upload of Toronto posts. Thanks!

On my only free day in Toronto, my friend, Angela, brought me around Ryerson University in downtown Toronto since I’ve always been in awe of RU’s Journalism program. After my tour, we were walking pass Five Guys when she told me that the little door next to Five Guys with the narrow stairs leading up to some comic book store serves really good Nutella hot chocolate. Anything with Nutella is good, so we made our way up those stairs to a large comic book and action figure store. They sold toys, comics, and collectible items starting from Star Wars, Batman, Spider Man to My Little Pony. On the left of the store is The Black Canary with an amazing view of Yonge Street.

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No doubt I ordered the Nutella Hot Chocolate with a spoon of Nutella chocolate inside. While the barista was making my drink, he let me lick the remaining Nutella spread on the spoon before throwing it into the sink. Gotta savour every single bit right? Melted in steamed hot milk, this drink was creamy and heavenly. Similar to a hot chocolate milk, you can’t help but lick your lips and taste the sweet hazelnut flavour in this drink.

Also, if you want to study with a view of Yonge Street, this would be a great place.

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