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Big Gay Ice Cream

After my sinful devour of two lobster rolls to Luke’s Lobster, a few blocks down was Big Gay Ice Cream. Yes, it is called Big Gay Ice Cream and their logo is a giant rainbow soft serve cone. They started off as an ice cream truck then opened their first store at East Village in 2011 after gaining much publicity. Changing up the usual soft serve, I hope tourists would start going to Big Gay Ice Cream too! Tiffany and I got there right after dinner and we already had to line up to order. By the time we got our ice cream, there was a line up outside of the store.

2014-08-03 19.09.06


Bea Arthur

What’s in it: Vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche and crushed nilla wafers

This has easily become one of my favourite ice creams. The vanilla ice cream was exceptionally creamy and milky.

I want to give them a huge kudos for an innovative and clean ice cream holder. Knowing many of us, we eat our ice creams slow and we would occasionally make a huge sticky mess.

The crushed nilla wafers were like wafer dust with a bit of graham cracker taste to it.

The best part of the Bea Arthur was actually at the bottom of the cone. I was just about to finish the last few bits of the cone when a surprise splash of rich and ultra creamy dulce de leche exploded from the bottom. I was expecting a bland cone to finish but the dulce de leche was such a sweet surprise that I made sure I licked it off my finger tips.

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