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Beta5 Chocolates: 2016 Winter Flavours

Beta5 Chocolates is my favourite cream puff shop in Vancouver. Despite my love for their delicious and perfectly made cream puffs, it’s not exactly easy to get there, especially when they’re located in an industrial area. Since Vancouver was pouring over the weekend, I decided to stop by Beta5 for something sweet to brighten up the rainy mood.

Luckily, they were still doing their winter specials so I got to try some of their seasonal cream puffs. Beta5 has seasonal menus and items depending on the months so there’s always something to look forward to if you decide to go on a random day.

2016-03-14 06.09.53-3

Spiced Mango

Spiced with cinnamon and star anise, the chantilly on top was quite heavy but extremely fragrant with the spices.

The best part was the inside of the cream puff, filled with tart mango curd inside. It wasn’t too sweet with a bit of sourness to give it the perfect balance. I don’t think I’ve ever had such an amazing mango filling inside a dessert, it was like taking a bite out of a mango.

2016-03-14 06.11.09-2

Passion Sesame

Half of the cream puff was filled with fragrant passion fruit curd, while the other half was a milk chocolate and sesame mousse. Place gently on top is a caramelized sesame and milk chocolate crunch.

Similar to the Spiced Mango Cream Puff, the passion fruit curd was pungent and sweet while the milk chocolate and sesame mousse balanced out the sweet and sour flavours.

2016-03-14 06.12.05-2

Vietnamese Coffee

Beta5’s Vietnamese Coffee Cream Puff is one of their popular and signature options. Filled with coffee and blonde chocolate cremeux, I could really taste the rich coffee flavours in the cream puff.

On top of the coffee filling, the chantilly is a blend of coffee and condensed milk to really boost the cream puff’s flavours.

2016-03-14 06.09.22-2


Their vanilla cream puff is a simple and classic choice. Topped with pearl sugars, this cream puff is filled with vanilla custard and topped off with vanilla bean chantilly.

Out of all of the creams puffs in this post, the vanilla cream puff was definitely the heaviest but also a classic choice at Beta5. I guess we needed something more conservative in our box of mixed cream puffs to tone it down a bit.

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