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I realized that it is quite difficult to find a convenient cream puff store in Vancouver. There are options like Chewy Junior or Thierry, but I’m talking about really delicious, creamy with excellent choux exterior cream puffs. The only place I’ve found heaven sent cream puffs in Vancouver was at Beta5 Chocolates. Hidden in Strathcona in an unusual place to have a dessert shop, people would make their way to Beta5 for their chocolates, pastries and other sweet desserts. Who knew that a dessert shop would open in a warehouse area?



The marshmallow top gave the cream puff a s’mores and camp fire like experience, other than that, there isn’t much “s’mores” in this cream puff.

The choux pastry was just as crispy as the rest of the other cream puffs.

I wish the cream inside had more marshmallow flavours to it because it tasted like normal cream to me.

Vietnamese Coffee

There wasn’t an overwhelming coffee flavour in this cream puff but it really tasted like a cup of Vietnamese coffee that you would order at a Vietnamese restaurant.

The top level of cream was fluffier and lighter in texture and taste, while the filling was heavier, creamier and richer in coffee flavours. The balance was excellent making the cream puff a very enjoyable confection.

85% Dark Chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers, this cream puff has a chocolate exterior and interior.

With a thin piece of dark chocolate on top, the exterior tasted like a double chocolate cookie with a rich and decadent chocolate cream filling inside. I thought that this was too sweet for me but Jacky really enjoyed it.

Banana Cream Puff

I fell in love with this cream puff. Not only do I love banana in any of my desserts, but overall, the cream puff’s flavours were so creamy and the choux pastry was extra crispy.

When I bit into this, it instantly reminded me of banoffee pie but without the toffee and the caramel. Similar to the Vietnamese Coffee cream puff, the top layer of cream was light and the inside was rich and heavy with banana flavours.

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Happy eating and never stop eating!
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