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One of the many reasons why I love the food in Hong Kong is how well the F&B industry portrays the many international cuisines around the world. I’m a bit of a Vietnamese cuisine fan in Vancouver and I was just really craving some good pho in Hong Kong. I’ve heard of many good places like Chom Chom and Nha Trang but I was particularly interested in Nha Trang’s new sister restaurant, BÊP. Not only did the name intrigue me with its one syllable pronunciation but I’ve also seen some of their raving reviews.  BÊP means Vietnamese kitchen and I was quite excited to try them out when I finally decided to go with my mom on a Saturday night.

It was around 9pm when my mom and I decided to go to the BÊP next to Pure Fitness in Central. The location was pretty much in a prime area in Central and you would easily spot the restaurant if you were on the long escalators. When we arrived, there were already three tables in front of us but people were going in and out quickly so we got a table after a short wait. The restaurant was packed and seating was very crowded. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you’re looking to have a quiet catch up time with a friend.

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Cua Lot Cuon

What’s in it: Soft shell crab rolls, crispy soft shell crab, cucumber, fresh mint and napa slaw.

I’ve had really bad rice rolls at several Vietnamese restaurants in Vancouver and Hong Kong but these were the best ones I’ve had.

The herb stuffing was not too dry or overpowering. The texture of the herbs were also soft so there weren’t any hard bits to chew on or spit out. To add more texture and flavour to the rice rolls, the soft shell crab was deliciously crunchy and savoury.

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Pho Tai

I like to stick with the usual so I ordered a simple pho with raw thin sliced sirloin beef and rice noodles in a beef broth. The broth wasn’t very oily but it needed more flavour so I kicked it up by adding a bunch Sriracha in. After I was done, I even drank the soup and it was just the best beef pho I’ve ever had.

The portion was relatively big for one person and there was quite a bit of beef to noodle ratio. I would highly recommend this for anyone who just wants something simple and satisfying.


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