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I realized summer has officially started and I have already been eating extremely unhealthy foods. No bikini body for me this year. Luckily I got a chance to tame my sugar and carb levels when I went for a lunch at Bel Cafe with my friend, Steph. Located right next to Hawksworth Restaurant, Bel Cafe is a comfy, stylish and cute cafe with tasty baked goods and healthy lunch options. They are not opened after lunch hours and the cafe usually becomes a location for private events at night.

I am currently experimenting with different types of writing styles and structures right now. If you have any comments, please let me know! I have removed bullet points for this post and instead just went with short individual sentences.


Kale Salad (CAD11)

What’s in it – Manchego cheese, golden beets, peas, fennel, shaved kale, and a tad bit of chili.

The kale and beets were incredibly refreshing with a cool taste to it. The kale was also shaved that it was easy to fork and chew on without making a mess or looking like a cow chewing on grass.

The manchego cheese sprinkled on top was sharp and heavy. Occasionally I had to bite on a beet just to tone down the flavours from the manchego cheese but overall it still complimented the salad very well.


Cassis and Cookies and Cream (CAD2/each)

The cream in the cookies and cream macaron was extremely creamy! Delicious and tasted just like cookies and cream

Macarons were a bit dense but overall they were okay.

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