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Basho Cafe

Everyone has been talking about the matcha goodies at Basho Cafe. I am not a big matcha fan but since everyone has been telling me to go, I went to try it out. Of course, I went with my Instagram famous and foodie friend, Glenny, for the good stuff. Stepping into Basho was like stepping into a Japanese cafe in Totoro or a scene in a Miyazaki film. The decor was homey with comfortable wooden tones and an intimate vintage vibe. Presentation of the food was definitely Instagram worthy. Even their cookies were placed on individual small plates. Safe to say that I was actually full from all the cookies.

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I stood up to take this photo. The simple presentation at Basho makes everything look really good.

Basho Chai Latte (CAD3.25)

  • Creamy and not watery.
  • Balance of chai and milk were perfect.
  • Chai spice wasn’t bitter and gave the throat a warm and soothing feel. Adding the cinnamon in just did the right kick.

Breakfast Sandwich (CAD3.50)

  • Buttery, crumbly and heavy “bread” used for the sandwich. It was more like a cookie!
  • Cheese, egg and a slice of tomato were added inside. Eating the sandwich without the tomato makes it extremely dry.
  • I would have preferred it if the sandwich was at least warm. Serving it a bit cold made it more dry and less breakfast filling.

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Matcha White Chocolate Brownie (CAD1) – top right

  • Absolutely loved this.
  • Moist and perfect mixture of white chocolate and matcha, but quite heavy.
  • Wasn’t too sweet, and like a small sponge cake with chocolate bits inside.

Matcha Madeleine (CAD1) – bottom right

  • Too dry that Glenny and I only ate half of it together.
  • Hard as a rock and too heavy.

Kabocha Muffin (CAD1) – bottom left

  • Plain and the sweetness lacked excitement.
  • Crumbles once you bite into it.
  • Tasted more floury than the other bite size pastries.

Mochi Mochi Brownie (CAD1) – top left

  • Literally like biting into a mochi textured cupcake, it actually stretched.
  • Incredibly soft and chewy, but it had a floury taste to it.
  • Heavier than it looks.

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Matcha Latte (CAD3.75) with sesame cookie

  • Sesame cookie was extremely buttery and heavy. It might look small and bite size, but it weighed my stomach down.
  • Matcha latte had a thick foamy surface with a warm latte below. I tasted more matcha than latte.
  • I won’t say that the matcha latte was amazing because I could taste the texture of the matcha powder that didn’t fully melt into the latte. The powder left a grainy and sandy feeling in my mouth.

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