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Bar and Lounge at The Ritz Carlton

Nothing like afternoon tea on the 102nd floor in the tallest building in Hong Kong. We really just came up for the view but since everyone goes for the amazing afternoon tea experience, we had to make reservations a week before arriving. When we asked them whether we could get a window seat or not, they told us that everything by the windows were already all booked up.

When we arrived, we got a table just behind the people in front of the windows.  There were clearly empty tables by the amazing view so we requested a spot. It took them forever to move us but once our tea set came, they finally directed us to our city view table.

2015-05-31 15.26.25 HDR-1

Our high tea set had a lot of options that were quite unique and creative. I’m not really a sweet tooth person when it comes to high tea so I wish they had two tiers of savoury instead of sweet.

2015-05-31 15.26.55-1

Duck Foie Gras Mousse Macaron

The foie gras was rich, creamy and buttery but a bit oily. I’ve never had a foie gras mousse macaron before but the savoury flavours from the foie gras and hints of sweetness from the macaron complimented each other quite well.

Rosemary Ham Mini Burger, Honey Mustard Dressing

The honey mustard was overpowering so I couldn’t taste the rosemary ham. Overall, I didn’t really care because everything on their savoury list was pretty good.

Seafood Salad Sandwich

This was my favourite bite on the entire tea set. I loved the seafood flavours with bits of crab meat inside.

Vanilla Black Truffle Forest Mushroom Tart

Fragrant with a slight crunchy texture, the mushroom tart would have been better if it wasn’t cold.

2015-05-31 15.26.46 HDR-1

Raspberry Chocolate Cannele

I did not like this at all. Not only was it sour, but both the exterior and interior were so dry. The chocolate flavour practically disappeared after a few bites and I was just chewing on what tasted like a dry sponge.

Pierre Herme Rose Macaron

I used to love macarons but ever since I bought a box of Pierre Herme, I realized that my sweet tooth has changed. It was good that they only served one macaron per person so it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet.

Green Tea Red Bean Cake

The green tea and red bean flavours were very strong but eat the cake fast or the cream would melt quickly.

Lemon Tart

Lemon tarts were never my favourite because I hate anything sour. Their lemon tart was indeed extremely sour so I stopped it after one tiny bite.

2015-05-31 15.26.50-1

Plain and Raisin Scone

The scones weren’t too memorable since they were a bit cold and dry after a few bites. There wasn’t that buttery fall apart crumble when I bit in so I didn’t finish my portions.

Their strawberry jam was quite sweet but it wasn’t abnormal while the clotted cream was very creamy but not as thick as I thought it would be.


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