After dinner at Kinton Ramen, my friend decided to spoil me and take me to Bannock because I kept going on about how I had to try their dessert. From our dinner spot to Bannock, it was quite a walk. Bannock was right across Eaton Centre and I expected it to be expensive given its location. Many people were there for dinner, so I guess we were the odd ones out.

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Drinks to end a long and eventful day. I sipped on a Caramel Delight (CAD8) concocted of Bailey Irish Cream, a shot of espresso, caramel and crown royal maple. The drink was like a foamy and spiked coffee with a thick and creamy caramel flush to it.


Dessert was my main goal at Bannock, so my friend and I shared a Warm S’Mores Pie (CAD9). The pie was spongy, moist and warm that it melted in my mouth. The marshmallows had a delightful semi crispy and burnt outer with a hot and runny inner. I’m talking about marshmallow goodness oozing out of the shell. Overall this was extremely satisfying and don’t judge it by the size – the chocolate in the pie was already good for the two of us.

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