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Malaysian food is one of the many reasons why I would always go to Malaysia for a short summer vacation. Since I was not planning on travelling to any of the tropical areas this summer but instead to New York and Toronto, I had to get some sort of Malaysian spice fix in my system. Banana Leaf seems to be everywhere in Vancouver and when I was told that they serve Malaysian food, I decided to go try it out. Normally chain restaurants wouldn’t interest me so I didn’t have exceptionally high hopes for this.

PSX_20140709_191206Malaysia Curry Laksa

What’s in it: Curry soup base with chicken, fish cakes, shrimp, egg, squid, noodles and bean sprouts.

The flaming orange colours might make it look hot but it really isn’t – it’s more “curry” than spicy. If you want to opt out of a curry and coconut soup base in the Singaporean Laksa, the Malaysian style is the way to go.

The entire portion of the laksa was pretty fair. Each ingredient had a decent portion thrown in and there was a balance for all of them.

The taste of the soup base was more bland to me. It wasn’t terrible but it needed a tad pinch of spice and excitement to match the vibrant colours that it holds.

PSX_20140709_191333Pineapple Seafood Rice

It seems like the display for Banana Leaf’s pineapple rice has been quite the talk for most Vancouverites whenever someone mentions the restaurant. Jacky loves pineapple rice so he decided to order it and mainly for the display.

The seafood portions in this rice were a bit a disappointing and the pineapple was a bit sour. Luckily the rice neutralizes the pineapple making it sweeter and more enjoyable to eat.

Pineapple rice is quite a local Malaysian dish so for all of the people who have not had Malaysian food to go, I would suggest ordering the pineapple rice.

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