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First of all, I want to apologize for not trying the beer here. I will do a second post when I go back for beer some time but meanwhile this post will be on their food choices. The walk to Alibi Room was a sketchy trip for me. I am extremely familiar with the Gastown area, but this place is located at the very edge of Gastown. I was clinging onto Jacky for the life of me under our umbrella in the cold and wet night. Okay I exaggerated but I was pretty alert while we were walking there.

When we walked in Alibi Room, I was surprised with how lively and busy it was. We were told that there weren’t any seats for us on the top floor but we can sit down stairs instead. The bad thing is that they don’t have servers downstairs so we have to order at the bar. No big deal, we sat down at a large wooden table with high benches and we went with our order.

This place is great for large gatherings with your friends over beer, music and pub food. The restaurant was awfully dim but it was very comfortable to just sit back and chat.  Jacky and I couldn’t sit back at where we were sitting since the high benches don’t have back support.

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I took this picture from afar and my main point was to show you guys the chalkboard wall of beer names available. My beer knowledge is really limited so I didn’t understand 90% of what was written on the board.

More: Read about Steamworks Brewery Company – the only steam generated brewery in Canada or burgers at Red Robin.

2013-11-09 18.15.18

Their “samwiches” look like burgers here. I ordered the “Bison Cheese Steak Samwich (CAD15)” with BC Bison cheese steak, spiced bison flank, onions, peppers, cheddar, Alibi’s fries and a generous portion of pumpkin seed cole saw. I loved the taste of the bison cheese steak that left me licking my fingers to savour the taste more. Their fries were unique and probably my favourite. I love long, soggy and hot fries and that was exactly what they served. For those of you who like wedges, curlies, hot, or crunchy fries…this probably won’t be your favourite.

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This is Jacky’s “Pork Belly Samwich (CAD14)” with BBQ pork belly, beer braised onions, Alibi’s fries and japaleno cole slaw. This samwich had more flavour to it and it would probably be more suitable with a beer. Jacky thought that the pork was a bit dry but other than that, he liked it.

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