Alaskan King Crab Festival at Red Star Seafood

I have always wanted to try king crab because the ones in Hong Kong were usually frozen so the freshness isn’t there. Everyone back home talks about the amazingly delicious and fresh king crabs in Vancouver, so Jacky decided to celebrate his birthday this year with a 10lb king crab for dinner. King crab season starts at around the end of March to May and these monsters are huge and terrifying! I’ve held a 8lb lobster before, but I don’t dare touch this fellow. Dominating the Alaskan sea floor, king crabs are aggressive creatures and apparently, they would be eaten alive by other king crabs once they are brought above the waters. These are the giant oceanic diamonds that are kings of the Alaskan sea floor…and we ate them.

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10lbs is considered a normal weight for king crabs. Monstrous king crabs could go to 24lbs which makes them amongst the largest crabs in the world. If you don’t go with the combo offered at Red Star, the crab is cooked in three different ways. Time to get messy!

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Two plates of Steamed King Crab Legs with Garlic was the best way to devour and taste the fresh ocean juice in the king crab. Extremely succulent with the garlic topped and natural flavours of the crab, this was also easy to eat since all the legs were cut in half. Most Chinese people prefer to cook seafood like this compared to the Western way. Reason is because if the seafood is already fresh (and usually fresh in Chinese restaurants), there is already a distinct natural seafood taste without deep frying it or smothering it in butter.

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Next up, Stir Fried Crab with green onion and onions in a thick sauce. Compared to the steamed crab legs, this was more flavourful in terms of sauce and less fresh juicy. The sauce was all over my finger so what other way than licking it off? Stir fried was definitely yummy but not as fresh or simple.

2014-03-30 20.02.30

We have transformed the king’s crown to a Baked Rice in Portuguese Sauce in the King Crab’s Head. The sauce was in the rice and it was divine. Creamy with the Portuguese sauce and crab juice, this was the highlight of my dinner. I’ve never had anything like this before.

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