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Afternoon Tea at MO Bar at The Landmark Oriental

Once again, I’ve decided to check out another afternoon tea spot in Hong Kong when I was visiting in the summer. I actually have a list of afternoon tea spots to visit in Hong Kong, and since I was going to get dinner at Central, I decided to try MO Bar at The Landmark Oriental. After trying their big sister, The Mandarin Oriental’s high tea set at The Clipper Lounge, I had very high expectations for MO Bar.

The setting was not like the usual high tea spots because it was located at a bar. The atmosphere was darker and more contemporary than most places. No doubt, this afternoon tea experience would be a bit different. When the server was preparing our high tea set, he took out a life size metal tier. Usually the tea set would be a small metal tier stand with circular plates on each level placed on your table, but this was a diagonal full size tier that reached to the floor to our table. Since the placement made it very inconvenient to get each small bite, my friend and I moved all of the plates onto our table and told the server to remove the massive tier.

2015-07-15 15.31.19-1

it’s easy to imagine how inconvenient it would have been to get each pastry on your plate when it’s stacked up on a large metal tier next to the table.

2015-07-15 15.30.47-1

Assorted Savouries

Salmon Roll with Salmon Rillette and Salmon Eggs

This was probably the best savoury option on the tea set.

I love salmon so having salmon on salmon eggs was a treat for me. It definitely wasn’t too fishy so I really enjoyed it.

Ham, Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich

I have noticed that there is a tendency to put cucumbers in sandwiches for tea sets.

Not surprising, I wasn’t too ecstatic about this since it tasted like an average ham and cheese sandwich, only with a slice of finely cut cucumber on top.

Leek Roll

The roll was extremely creamy so it was a bit heavy for me. The good side was how fragrant the roll was from the leeks.

Chicken Salad Mini Burger

You could never go wrong when it comes to chicken salad sandwiches or mini burgers at an afternoon tea session.

Just like The Peninsula’s truffle chicken sandwich, these chicken salad mini burgers were savoury and delicious.

2015-07-15 15.29.55-1

Assorted Sweet Pastries

*I don’t remember two of the desserts since I didn’t try them.

Lemon Tart

After trying so many different types of tea sets, I have concluded that I do not like lemon tarts. Unfortunately, MO Bar’s lemon tarts didn’t change my opinions on them.

Apricot Compote

The apricots were quite sweet and very tart with the cream. Surprisingly, the cream was also light so the overall dessert was quite refreshing and summery.

Chocolate E-Clair

I have had some pretty delicious e-clairs before but the MO Bar’s e-clair was only subpar. I will give them points for having one of the richest chocolate e-clair fillings though.

2015-07-15 15.29.46-1

Raisin and Buttered Scones

In comparison to The Clipper Lounge’s scones, these didn’t meet the level but they were a lot crunchier on the outside with a crumbling interior. Perhaps they’re a different type of scone but crunchy isn’t really on my preference list for scones.

However, I wouldn’t say these were bad. They were definitely very buttery and still crumbly despite their crunchiness.

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