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Afternoon Tea at The Peninsula Hotel

There’s nothing like afternoon tea at the historical Peninsula Hotel over Christmas break. I know that this is a long overdue post but it shouldn’t stop anyone from going to The Peninsula in Hong Kong for their famous tea set.

When we got there, there was already a line up around the corner. We ended up waiting for two hours before we got a table and by the time we sat down, we were starving. Service was extremely attentive since they needed to move quickly so people could get seated as soon as another table pays the bill. Our server was especially nice and our tea set came soon after we ordered.

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As you can see, The Peninsula is as luxurious as it could be on Christmas week. Despite the live string orchestra playing above us and the beautifully decorated pillars and hallway, it was overwhelming to have tea while having so many people crowding around the area. I had to raise my voice just a bit for my stepmom to hear me across our table.

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Cranberry Butter Cake

I couldn’t tell that this was a cranberry butter cake since it tasted exactly like holiday fruit cakes you’ll eat at an office Christmas party. However, I did like that the cake wasn’t too buttery so it wouldn’t leave me with oily fingers when I picked it up.

Raspberry and Vanilla Log

I thought that the vanilla log would be incredibly sweet and heavy, but the vanilla cream was actually very light and delightful. I loved this pastry.

Coconut Mousse, Pineapple Compote

The coconut mousse was very good and creamy but the pineapple compote was a bit too sour for my taste buds.

Pear Tart and Chocolate Ganache

This was another excellent pastry mainly because of the pear bits in the tart. It’s always nice and refreshing to have some fruity and crunchy bites in a rich chocolate filling.

Check out my other review on the afternoon tea set at The Clipper Lounge at The Mandarin Oriental.

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Duck Rillettes, Apple and Cheese Quiche

These were amazing and incredibly savoury. The duck rillettes had a gamey and meaty taste while the apple and cheese balanced it out.

Cucumber, Sour Cream and Dill White Bread Sandwich

Have you seen How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days? If so, do you remember when Kate Hudson fed the guys “yummy yummy cucumber sandwiches” during the boy’s night poker scene? Well, I’m pretty sure this was the same thing and they weren’t exactly yummy.

Smoked Halibut and Salmon Rainbow Layers

Another excellent savoury treat from The Peninsula. The rainbow layers didn’t taste like anything but the sandwich was very good overall.

Truffled Chicken and Whole Bread Sandwich

I love truffled chicken sandwiches and The Peninsula’s selection was not a disappointment. My sandwich had chunky pieces of chicken in a rich, fragrant and creamy truffle sauce.

Overall, I loved their savoury bites. As I usually say after having high tea, I would love it if they served me two tiers of savoury and one tier of sweets.

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Raisin Scones

Their raisin scones were pretty good and loaded with raisins. Every bite was very crumbly and warm but it still needed a stronger buttery taste to it.

Maple Syrup Canele

I did not like these at all. The look was already pushing it and when I bit into it, it was hard and dry. They should really consider removing this item from their afternoon tea set.

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