四天王拉面/Ramen in Namba

Besides visiting the cultural spots around Osaka, we also went to the trendy districts in Osaka including the bustling area of Namba. The colorful lit up streets, massive banners and crowd noise took over every corner of this small but lively district. Namba is located in the middle of the JR station and on the train map, Namba looked like the beating heart of Osaka.

The streets were full of shopping, gaming centres, and food. I couldn’t even see the end of the street because so much was going on and I wanted to try all of the street food. It was impossible for us to eat more than three meals within 4 hours in Namba so if we were to go back, we would need to stay in Namba to experience everything there over a span of days.

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There were a lot of famous ramen shops in Namba and if one of them is full, there would most likely be another one of their stores just a few more blocks down with less people. We didn’t know that one street could have three of the same ramen stores so we went to another famous one next to our original choice.

For many ramen shops, you are required to order before you go in but a server does not take your order. Outside of each ramen shop, there is a vending machine where you press the ramen set that you would like to order and you insert money into the machine to confirm the order. After the payment, the machine prints you your order ticket and that’s your entrance into the ramen shop. The idea is efficient and very tech-savvy.

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With streets like this, it was hard to to go into every store and restaurant when we had a time constraint. Everything looked so attractive and the prices were relatively cheap.

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Soy Sauce Broth with Fatty Pork and Soy Sauce Marinated Egg

The soy sauce broth was rich and flavorful but not too salty or overwhelming. I would usually get headaches if my food has too much salt or MSG so I was very happy with this balance.

The presentation was simple and the portion was not too big. Focusing more on the ingredients, Japanese ramen seems to be more simple and it does not make you as full in comparison to ramen outside of Japan. The taste on the other hand, is another completely different story than the presentation.

Since the Japanese diet does not contain a lot of red meat, we only had 1-2 slices of fatty pork. I wish they gave us more because the fatty pork was very juicy and tender.

To me, ramen is not complete without a Japanese soy sauce marinated egg. With a salty exterior and a rich and creamy interior, the egg and the broth were the highlights of the ramen. If you’re ever going to a ramen shop in Japan, don’t forget to add an egg into your ramen.

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Soy Sauce Broth and Fatty Pork 

Our two orders were relatively similar but mine did not have a soy sauce marinated egg making the presentation even more minimal than my brother’s order. The egg was the only thing missing to making this ramen just as delicious as the other order.

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