もも太朗 ビエラ奈良店

When we got off at Nara JR Station outside of Osaka, we stopped by a mall that was connected to the station for some small bites before going into Nara Park. Inside the small shopping area, we found all sorts of beautifully packaged Japanese foods and souvenirs. It was a bit difficult to settle down on a place because everything looked so attractive. After walking around for 10 minutes, we were instantly drawn to a store that sold custard in glass jars with artsy lids.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The packaging was lovely so we ended up keeping the jars after we were done with the custards.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Left – Cherry Blossom Custard

With a flowery taste and a fresh vanilla after taste, everything about the cherry blossom custard was girly and cute.

We were slightly surprised at the end when we tasted a plum jam bottom With a strong salty kick and a bitter after taste, it ruined the blissful beginning tastes from the cream.

Mixed in with the plum jam were small bits of red bean that helped the plum jam with a tiny hint of sweetness.

Right – Original Egg Custard

I do not usually eat egg custard but since the lid of the egg custard jar was a painted Buddha comic, I had to get it.

With a very thick, creamy and filling texture and flavour, the egg custard was rich and very satisfying for those who want something conventional.

At the bottom of the jar was a delicious layer of caramel that was quite mild and very complimentary to the egg custard. I also give them props for not making the caramel too sweet or thick.


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