Richmond Night Market 2014

Summer has arrived in Vancouver when Richmond Night Market opens. I intended to go last year but I didn’t since I realized my trip back to Hong Kong would be 10 times better. However I decided to go to the night market this year because I’m not going back home this summer.

When we got there, we couldn’t find parking so we parked at Costco. Tickets were CAD2.25 per person and the ticket line ups were crazy, oh boy. Richmond Night Market was just like a mini Mong Kok, Hong Kong – dirty, busy, loud, and crowded. The one thing that really annoyed me were the people who brought their dogs along. I felt sorry for the dogs since they were eating all the food scraps on the ground and people could just walk over them. Were the owners thinking of walking their dogs at the night market?…

Since the giant duck was so last year, I didn’t get to see the “fake” duck this year. There was a huge stage set up with a band performing, shopping stalls selling cheap socks and gadget accessories, and tons of street food stalls. My eyes widened when I saw “curry fish balls” “chicken popsicles” “BBQ squid” and the “rotato”. Unfortunately the line ups were absolutely insane so I only got to try the BBQ squid out of the list. There were many options available, but it took at least 15 – 20 minutes for the stalls to give me my food.

2014-05-30 21.59.11

Straight to the Satay BBQ Squid (CAD7)! There were a couple of squid stalls at the night market so before making a purchasing, we walked around to compare the prices. We ended up at a stall that sold a large size for seven bucks, comparing to the others, it was the better deal. I’m not too sure how to describe street food, but this BBQ squid was covered in a spicy and flavourful satay sauce with just the right amount of chewiness in its texture. Careful of these slippery suckers and the sauce, it could drip all over you.

2014-05-30 21.29.30

Going to a traditional side, we had the Dragon Beard Candy (CAD6). The reason why it is called dragon beard is because of the fine threading of the candy. Most people would define this as “Chinese cotton candy”- extremely thin sugary threads wrapping a peanut and coconut ball inside. These are supposedly bite size and if you eat it bit by bit, the coconut and peanuts would fall out and the threads become a huge mess. I have to say that these were delicious and quite like home.

2014-05-30 21.49.54

Lastly, I decided to stuff myself silly with a Deep Fried Mars Bars (CAD7). I’m seriously asking for diabetes in the future. Take out the sausage and throw in a Mars Bars inside, this looks like your average corn dog. Drizzled with hot chocolate sauce, the mars bars melts in your mouth with the crispy buttery shell. It comes to point where it’s a messy goop of chocolate and becomes incredibly sweet and thick. Regardless, I really liked this.


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