Pepper Lunch Opening in March

When I heard that Pepper Lunch will be opening in BC, I was super excited and suddenly swarmed with a feeling of homesick. I used to eat Pepper Lunch after school in Hong Kong at the Festival Walk food court in Kowloon Tong and I can’t really explain it, but it’s just so good and satisfying.

This is the first ever Pepper Lunch in Canada and they will be introducing Vancouverites to a DIY Japanese sizzle teppan eating style. We are talking about a hot sizzle plate with sauces, meat, rice and vegetables sizzling on top. Pepper Lunch first started in Japan in 1994 by Japanese Chef, Kunio Inchinose and their fast and quick concept allows you to cook your own food over a hot plate that remains hot throughout the entire time that you eat. Don’t worry, the cooking process is really just stirring around.

Promoting local BC products, Pepper Lunch will be using Canadian Certified Angus Beef, BC steelhead salmon and many other local spices, meats and produce. When I go, I usually order the beef rice so I would highly recommend that. I would also recommend trying their different sauces to add into your sizzling plate

Pepper Lunch has currently over 350 locations worldwide and the BC location will be opening in Richmond some time in March. Meanwhile, check out their website or follow them on Twitter @PepperLunchCanada.

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