Leonidas #ThisisCocoa Event

I was so excited to attend the Leonidas #ThisisCocoa 2nd Anniversary Party with a group of fellow foodies (thanks to Van Foodie Talks and Vaneats) in Leonidas at Canada Place. With the help of Epicentr and Coal Harbour Liquor Store, Leonidas successfully threw a fantastic and sweet party. I got to bring one guest so I took Jacky along for a chocolate fiesta and we left Leonidas feeling so sugar high.

Leonidas probably has one of the best chocolates I have ever tasted. Forget Godiva, Leonidas’ chocolates are flown in from Belgium and they are made out of 100% real cocoa butter. Other than chocolate, they also serve drinks and small desserts such as cakes, hot chocolate, and macarons. It’s a pity that Leonidas isn’t that popular in Vancouver as it is in Hong Kong where I first had Leonidas. After this event and trying out more of their selections, I think they deserve more recognition.

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I didn’t get to try everything that you are seeing here, but here’s a glimpse of some of their chocolates.

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Yes, I did get to try everything you are seeing here. The “Pistachio Macaron” and “Pink Rosewater Macaron” are must tries at Leonidas if you guys plan to go try their desserts out.

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I thought these weren’t appetizing at first because they looked like worms. This is the ” Leonidas Beligan Chocolate Orangettes Signature Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Peel” and I swear there was orange jam inside these worms too. The orange peel or orange zest was extremely chewy so I think people who really want to savour the chocolate and citrus taste in one go would enjoy this.

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Yummy, strawberry dipped into milk chocolate. Do I need to say more?

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Leonidas Latte in which I didn’t try but Jacky loved it.

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This is the only sugar free chocolate that we tried which is the “Praliné Milk”. It was interesting to try chocolate without sugar but I could taste the real fresh and natural sweetness of the praliné. The “Praliné Milk” is covered in milk chocolate with a rich hazelnut praline in the heart of the sweet.

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Macarons of all sorts of flavours so let me see if I can list them all of them – vanilla, espresso, pistachio, chocolate, pink rosewater, blackcurrant, passion fruit, mint chocolate, raspberry, earl grey, and salted butter caramel.

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Since there were many of us, they cut up their cakes into bite size for us. We have four different kinds of cakes here – salted caramel, spicy chocolate, apple and coffee. I had the spicy chocolate and the spice was really triggering

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A mountain of Leonidas Perle “Milk Chocolate Cream Praline with Coconut Shaving” in which I stole two more before I left. I loved these.

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  1. Jack Leung (@jackyleung)

    The gelato was really good!

  2. Glenny (@glennygs)

    love this place. their macarons and hot chocolates are delicious. 🙂

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