Eat!Vancouver Festival 2014

Inviting hungry Vancouverites to a variety of local foods, Eat!Vancouver has expanded my grocery list and introduced me to a whole group of local brands that I have never of. I got to try all these samples of different cuisine to the point that I was actually full when I left. I went on a Saturday afternoon and BC Place was packed with hungry and eager eaters. I couldn’t really see where the booths ended, so my friend and I went through every single aisle. To compensate all the eating, I kept telling myself that I walked around the entire field in BC Place so that “burned off” some calories.

2014-05-31 13.22.16

I’m pretty confident that this was one of the most Instagrammed photos of the event. A woman was carving out intricate and beautiful designs on fruit at the World Culinary Travel Expo.

2014-05-31 13.38.42

The first thing I tried was Ocean’s Siciliana sauce on toast. I’ve always used and loved Classico given its creamy and sweeter flavours, so I wasn’t a fan from the bitter taste from Ocean’s Siciliana sauce.

2014-05-31 13.37.01

The toast on the other hand was very crispy and would be better if it was baked with a garlic spread on top!

2014-05-31 13.40.51

The second pasta sauce that I tried was the Roasted Garlic sauce by The Italian Kitchen.  I considered in purchasing a jar to try it out at home, but I still had much more to discover at the festival.

2014-05-31 13.41.55

However I would have preferred it if they served it with a bit of pasta and not only the sauce by itself.

2014-05-31 13.25.46

Probably the second most Instagrammed photo.

2014-05-31 13.26.59

One of the longer line ups at the event was Urban Fare’s free sampling of their Butternut Squash Agnolotti with Bocconcini Cheese and Tomato Sauce. I really liked the agnolotti that was soft like a dumpling with plenty of filling inside. The tomato sauce was really creamy and I liked it.

2014-05-31 13.34.50

This was one of the most successful and hip food booths at the event. Glass jars are the trendy things now. Bluebird Cakery decided to put their Salted Caramel cake in glass jars because who doesn’t like a cake and glass jars? It doesn’t look too appetizing if you see the actual product, but you could see the layers of brownie cake, salted caramel and cream swirling up to the tip of the jar. After trying one of their samples, I was instantly persuaded to get one. However I didn’t buy one at the time because I knew that I could always make a trip to Urban Fare and buy it from there. I did end up buying one cake in a jar two weeks after the festival and I’ll be reviewing that soon.

2014-05-31 13.52.45

Some of the booths required attendees to purchase tickets to try larger portions. One of the booths I instantly purchased from and enjoyed was BC Salmon’s grilled salmon. Watching the salmon steaks sizzle on the grill was enough to persuade me.

2014-05-31 14.23.02

My friend bought D Way Group’s rice and tonkotsu ramen. Their food presentation was the best at Eat!Vancouver and the ramen was surprisingly good and it didn’t remind me of instant ramen I could get for a few cents at T&T.

2014-05-31 18.49.16

Lastly, I had to walk out of the festival with two purchases that I couldn’t say no to. Bosa Food’s mushroom tapenade was amazing and enriched with aromatic scents of mushrooms that would go perfectly well on a piece of herbed crostini. Fever Tree’s Sicilian Lemonade was CAD5 per pack and it is exactly what I need to survive the summer heat in Vancouver. The lemonade is sweet and carbonated without any bitter taste to it.


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