Dine Out Vancouver 2014: Ask for Luigi

For my actual first Dine Out Vancouver 2014 restaurant, I decided to go try Ask for Luigi with Eat N About for an Italian fare. I love meeting food bloggers, but food blogger couples are too cute. I felt awful that I was late due to traffic on the night of our dinner, but honestly, Ask for Luigi isn’t the most convenient restaurant for those who don’t drive. For a small and cozy restaurant, many people were lining up to “Ask for Luigi” and the place was packed with chatty people. We managed to get a table at the corner of the restaurant and next to where the waiters were going in and out of the kitchen.

First look at their DOVF CAD28 menu, I was so excited when I saw their selections. Shall we start?

2014-01-24 18.06.57

For starters, Wendy and I both had the Beef Carpaccio with Piave Vecchio slices, crispy shallots and salsa verde. If anything, I wanted more accents to the beef but the salsa verde and Piave Vecchio came out too strong. The good side of this appy was how flavour extensive it was which left me trying to scrape every last drop of salsa verde even after I was done.

2014-01-24 18.27.49

Food bloggers want diversity, so I had the Mushroom Risotto with creamy mascarpone and truffle oil. Hate to admit it, but this was a let down. Despite the aromatic combination of truffle oil and mascarpone, the risotto was not fully cooked leaving me with hard bits of risotto between my teeth.

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2014-01-24 18.29.20

However, Wendy’s Handmade Parpadelle in a classic Bolognese sauce was divine. The parpadelle was so smooth and mixed in with the Bolognese sauce was absolutely wonderful and refreshing. Many people say that Ask for Luigi serves amazing pasta, and this dish is indeed the evidence of fresh and authentic Italian pasta.

2014-01-24 19.01.36

Flipping pages to the back of the menu, Wendy and I both got the Panna Cotta with red wine, poached prunes and biscotti. The panna cotta tasted like a jiggly and creamy milk custard which I really loved.The prunes were also richly infused with red wine which made the mark for this must order dessert.

2014-01-24 19.02.15

Hitman went for the simpler offer with the Olive Oil Cake with confit orange and whipped ricotta. Overall this dessert is the lighter alternative and apparently the whipped ricotta was really good.

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