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Vibes – The Mira

Since making a trip to Central is pretty far from where I live in the New Territories side, I make frequent visits to Vibes at least once in two weeks for a drink or shisha. Unlike most crammed and outdoor hookah bars, I am always relaxed at Vibes with their lounging sofas, colourful lights, small flowing waterways and soft urban beats fresh from their DJ.

The Mira Hong Kong_Vibes

Photo Courtesy: The MIra Hotel Public Relations

My friends and I were lucky to get a sofa cabana in the corner at 9pm on a Friday night with running waterways around us, dim lights and also right next to the bar. We ordered a fresh apple shisha since pineapple ran out and I had a White Sangria (my favourite for the summer). Service for the drinks was fast and their White Sangria was absolutely delicious with juicy and chewy fruit bits inside. The shisha took a while but there was no rush while my friends and I sat back sipping on our drinks and catching up. After around 15 minutes wait, it finally came and yes the taste was good but it wasn’t as smooth as previous visits.

Overall, I would highly recommend Vibes being a classy and stylish lounge/bar to catch up with your friends, and I have to admit that I fell asleep sitting there once because it was that comfortable and spacious.

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