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Room One

No I am not an alcoholic, but summer does mean more drinking. Being a frequent visitor to Vibes at The Mira, I always failed to check out Room One at the lobby of The Mira.

2013-06-29 17.50.34

Now this is an excellent summer drink called “Divine Intervention” (HKD108). This was the apple of my eye for the whole summer with infused vanilla vodka, apple schnapps, green celery, vanilla syrup, apple juice, and lemon juice. Since they used green apple, I loved the sour and sweet tangy chilled flavour that I could taste in every sip with a dash of spiked vanilla candy flavour.

2013-06-29 17.50.58I realized cocktails that have foam on it are usually not my favourite. This is the British Colonial (HKD98) concocted out of gin, raspberry, home made hibiscus syrup, fresh lemon juice and egg white foam. Once again, the foam did a good job washing down the drink and I could barely taste the raspberry and gin. Ugh.

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