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Quinary is an award-winning bar in Hong Kong that never fails to discover new flavours and textures in their cocktails. When I read their drinks menu, everything sounded like the usual classics at a normal bar with a bit off a twist from them. Quinary is Hong Kong’s #1 place to get a cocktail on Foursquare so I was determined to try them out. Of course, I went back to my usual place, The Woods, after getting a taste of Quinary.

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Earl Grey Caviar Martini

What’s in it: Absolut Vodka, Elderflower Syrup, Apple Juice, Cointreau, Lemon and Lime, Earl Grey Caviar and Air.
This was a very interesting drink because not only was the presentation a wow-factor, but the taste was unlike anything I’ve had when it came to alcohol and earl grey. I’ve had an earl grey martini at Uva in Vancouver but that was stronger in tea flavours.
Quinary’s earl grey caviar martini was quite boozy, floral and sweet. It was definitely an easy drink to go down if there weren’t so many bubbles. Lastly, I loved the little earl grey caviar at the bottom which tasted like tea jellies.

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Marshmallow Duo 

What’s in it: Absolut Vanilla, Marshmallow Milkshake. Cream, Egg White, Grilled Marshmallow, and Aged Manhattan.
Think of this as an adult’s milkshake shot with grilled marshmallows on the side to give it an even more innocent look. When this came to us, it looked delicious. After having a sip, I could really taste the Absolut as well as the aged Manhattan instead of the marshmallow milkshake. Then again, we’re really just here for the booze right?

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