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Hot Chocolate Festival 2015: Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie

For my third 2015 Hot Chocolate Festival, I finally got to try Thomas Haas. I went on a rainy Saturday afternoon and the cafe was packed with people when I got there! All of the indoor and outdoor seats were taken up and there was barely any room to walk without hitting someone’s dessert. When I saw Thomas, I was pretty much fan girling and excited to say “hi”.

When I was at 6 Course Discourse, I didn’t get to try any of Thomas’s desserts because I was busy running around managing the PowerPoint and taking photos to upload on Twitter. I was pretty glad that I finally got to visit him and try his famous desserts.


Right: This is Nuts

What’s in it: Hot chocolate (55% cocoa) infused with caramelized hazelnut & almond butter.
Served with our “haaselnut”cream and financier sandwich.

The “haaselnut” cream and financier sandwich was absolutely divine. The slight crunch and soft texture with the Ferrero Rocher-like flavours made it quite addictive.

Speaking of Ferrero Rocher, the hot chocolate tasted like it was made out of it. It had nutty bits inside and just imagine a Ferrero Rocher melted in steamed milk. By far, this was my favourite hot chocolate for 2015.

Left: Pep Me Up

What’s in it: A 70% cocoa dark hot chocolate with fresh peppermint and a kick of chartreuse.
Served with a minty chocolate ganache bar.

If you want a minty flavour for your Hot Chocolate Festival, this one would be pretty perfect for you. I’m not a fan of minty foods because they remind me of toothpaste, but my friend seemed to like it.

This definitely was not as sweet as “This is Nuts” especially with the slight bitterness in the 70% dark cocoa and the peppermint.

The minty chocolate ganache bar was surprisingly not too bad. I am not a fan of chocolate and mint but this was surprisingly balanced between mint and chocolate flavours.


Champagne Truffle Cake

I simply could not walk out of Thomas Haas without actually buying a dessert, so I caved in for the layered champagne truffle cake.

The cake was very rich in champagne as if a bottle of Moet was thrown into the mix. When I ate this, I knew that if I had 3-5 more slices, I would be feeling a little more “happier” from the liquor and chocolate affect. I’m a low weight.

I really loved how the champagne also did not overpower the chocolate making it slightly bitter but still holding its sweetness and chocolatey flavours in each bite.


Thank you, Thomas, for the delicious macarons. All of these treats were very much needed before my wisdom teeth removal.

All of his desserts were heavenly and something about them tasted so fresh. After working with Mijune for 6 Course Discourse, I learned that all of his desserts, chocolates and pastries are carefully crafted by Thomas and his team and we’re very lucky to have such talent in Vancouver.

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